In home display and smets 1

Recently I got an email saying you can now read my smets 1 meter although on looking in my account it’s saying you can’t and to wait… The reason for contact is my ihd broke years ago and I don’t have one anymore. How can I get a replacement IHD please

Hi @john1471

It does look like we’re able to retrieving readings from your smart meter - which is great news. However it doesn’t look like these are translating onto your bill unfortunately. I’m going to drop you an email now just to explain this once I’ve investigated it.

In terms of your IHD we should be able to post a new one out once we’re back in the office at a cost of £30. I’ll include a bit more information on this in my email as well :slight_smile:



I’m still waiting for this to be looked into because it appears you can read my meters remotely, but the data is not transferring to my account. Today I received an email asking for readings as they’ve not got to you in 5 months. Can you look into this for me thank you.