In home display has no tariff

Hi. I moved from British Gas with my smets1 a few years ago and my in home display stopped working as expected. I kept it on the in garage as I read that once my smets1 has be upgraded it would work again.
Well, about 4 weeks ago it started working perfectly with both electric and gas to show usage but the tariff is showing as £0.
Does this mean my meter is now smets2 as I have an EV and want an EV tariff. Also can you update the tariff? Many thanks.

Hi @joe.mitchener :wave:

Thanks for your post.

Your meter is a SMETS1, these are the older generation meter models. SMETS2 refers to the newer generation models that are now being installed by suppliers. When we talk of upgrading your SMETS1 meter, we mean that we are working on enrolling it onto the smart network again so it regains it’s smart functionalities ie sending us readings, IHD showing data.

I can’t see that you meters have been enrolled onto the network yet, as we haven’t received any readings from them, so I’m a little unsure as to why the IHD showed any usage.

We would need the meter to be fully enrolled onto the network in order for us to move you to an EV tariff, this is something are smart team are working on

Is the IHD still showing data ?

Eleanor :sunny:

Hi yes. The gas and electric usage has been working perfectly since the start of December. When an appliance is switched on/off the IHD updates within seconds.
Hence the reason I contacted you as I thought this would only happen after my smets1 was enrolled.
Tried to attach photos but it wouldn’t allow.