In-Home Display (IHD) isn't showing your energy usage never has

My In-Home Display (IHD) isn’t showing your energy usage, actually, it has never shown my account settings or any info since being installed, dispute reading about how to fix many times, still does not work

Hi @windpower :wave: Welcome to Community,

I am sorry your display is not working. I have taken a look at your account and it looks like the display may not have been commissioned upon installation. This is the process where it gets connected with the smart meters.

Can you let me know if your display is black and white or just black? - we can look into getting it connected remotely for you.

– KT :bulb:

The display when switched on is a Colour display The HUD that is, what display are you referring too? (should Bulb have this information already)

A reply would be great, and considered support and respectful.

Absolutely diabolical support, you make one reply then go on a permanent holiday