In-Home Display issue

My In-Home Display unit is now only showing the Gas info, whereas both Gas and Electricity had always been displayed. Please can you advise. Thanks.

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Hi @tngent66 and welcome to our Community :battery:

I’m going to send you an email now so we can get this sorted.

Hi Noah,
Same issue for me. Are you able to assist please?


Sure, no problem at all. I will email you now :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, welcome to our Community :zap:

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Noah, I too have a problem with my Home Display not connecting to the smart meters - I’ve run the battery right down and on powering up again it just keeps cycling on and off - even moved the HD right next to the meter to no avail - I’ve just noted that the last consumption figures are estimates where for prior months they were annotated as Smart Meter - could it be that the problem is with the Smart Meter itself and not the HD

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Hi @richardson686,

I’m going to send you an email now and we can investigate this.

Hi Noah
I have been having a similar problem for several weeks now, My home display unit hasn’t been showing any data and I’ve followed all the instructions several times about resetting the unit but it just continually keeps switching itself on and off. After contacting Bulb via Live Chat a couple of weeks ago I was told it would take a few weeks to do a major reset, then it suddenly started working again but just for a single day before it crashed again. Can you help sort this out please as my energy usage is being estimated at the moment. Thank you.

Hi @Gill55, I can see that we previously rebooted the comms hub, which is a common fix for your IHD constantly restarting. My system shows that this reboot did go through successfully, but as it hasn’t fixed the issue, I have re-requested this for you again.

I’ll follow this response with an email later today, so keep an eye on your inbox :blush:

Hi again,
After contacting you a month ago to let you know that my home display still wasn’t working you kindly arranged for another re-boot. It finally came to life about a week ago, but unfortunately It is now doing exactly the same as previously, constantly switching the screen on and off and no data being displayed. Can you please arrange for this to be checked again, perhaps a new display unit is needed as there’s certainly something not right with the one we have. Thank you.

Hi @Gill55,

Have you attempted the IHD restart through the Bulb Account since it has started to not work again?

Hi Noah
Yes I’ve tried the restart procedure without any success. The display must be faulty because it is just constantly restarting and showing no data.

Hi @Gill55

So what you’re describing is what happens when the IHD loses connection to the communications hub on the electric meter.

We can fix this by rebooting the communications hub, but this is something we request from the DCC (who run the smart network). I’ve requested this for you now, but they say it can take 3-5 weeks to take effect.

Thanks for getting back to me.
This reboot that you are requesting for me will be the third time this has had to be done. Each time after the reboot the display is active for just a few days at the most and then crashes again. So I really think it’s the display unit that must be faulty. If this is going to continually happen it seems pretty pointless to have the display unit at all.

My Ihd packed up on the 1st of April and it has been rebooted twice. It now only shows my gas reading. I have been onto bulb a few times and I have now given up. The smart meters are not so smart. I have asked for an engineer visit at it all worked fine for the first 4 months but they have refused. I am not sure who to complain to next my be Ofgem.

Hi @Gill55

My apologies that the comms hub reboots are only working temporarily. It sounds like the Home Area Network signal strength at the property may be quite weak if the meters are repeatedly disconnecting from the comms hub. Are there any thick walls between the meters, and are the gas and electric meters definitely within 10 metres of each other?

Hi @LB1

I’m sorry to hear you electricity usage isn’t displaying on your IHD. I’ve contacted the agent handling your complaint to ask them to update you on it’s progress.

The display unit and the meters are definitely less than 10 metres apart and the only wall between them is just the one outside wall of the house. So physically it can’t be placed in a better position. The display unit originally worked fine for many months when first installed but since the beginning of this year it’s been constantly crashing. So I can only assume that it’s either something faulty with the unit I have, otherwise it’s a problem at Bulb.

Hi Noah
I’m having same issue. No electricity readings for weeks. Tried moving the IHD and rebooting without success.
Your live chat doesn’t work and I didn’t get a replay to an email either so you are my last hope.

Hi @Lewy

Welcome the the Bulb community!

I’ve looked into your account, and your meters seem to have the same issue I described above regarding losing comms hub connection:

We can fix this by rebooting the communications hub, but this is something we request from the DCC (who run the smart network). I’ve requested this for you now, but they say it can take 3-5 weeks to take effect.

I’ll request the fix for you now, and if you keep an eye on it the IHD should start working again shortly.

Hi @Gill55

It seems strange that the fix is working temporarily, and that the IHD was working so long initially. That suggests to me that the IHD itself is working fine, and another issue is at play.

I advise letting the reboot run once more, and if the issue reoccurs we can take it to our smart team and see what they say :ok_hand:

I had my smart meters installed yesterday. I woke up this morning to find that the gas display showed 20p charge. Yet I know that no gas was used overnight. Can you explain?

I am in the same predicament, since I have had my meter installed, the monitor has not worked, I have got in touch but they keep telling me to wait five days, probably for a miracle. I wish I had never had the smart meter installed.