In Home Display Needed

My Smart Meter belongs to E-On whom we were with as a providers years ago. I have just tried to switch to them, however, it became an erroneous switch where they took over someone else’s MPAN !! They were going to give me a new IHD. Do I need to change the old Smart Meter to get a new IHD?

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Your smart meter is a first generation smart meter which unfortunately we don’t carry stock of IHDs for. We have connected to it so its smart with us though :partying_face:

It may be something we do in the future with the IHDs but we can’t replace it right now- if you do want to switch to Eon again so to get a replacement, you can give them your MPAN number- this is the supply number specific to your meter so it won’t switch the wrong one! You’ll be able to find this on your bill on the ‘Energy use in detail’ page :blush:

OK, thank you. I will not be switching to E-On now as this was the only reason for moving to them, as they had promised a new IHD. Bulb have very good customer support, way above anything E-On offer

I’m glad to hear that @TheCrew, please let us know if you have any other questions or feedback
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I’m still waiting for a display for my smart meter.
Any idea when I can expect it and how do I apply for a smart tariff

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Similarly to @TheCrew, you have a first generation smart meter. This means that we can’t currently provide an In Home Display (IHD) that’d work with your meter. We don’t automatically send out new IHDs when members switch to us I’m afraid.

However, we are getting smart readings from your meter which means that every statement should be accurate. This will help enormously with tracking your energy usage anyway.

Do you have an IHD from your old provider at all? If that still works, then that’d be your best bet for now.

Any questions, please do let me know.

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