In Home Display same readings since being installed

Hi i’m Stu. I had a smart meter fitted at the beginning of September. Unfortunately I can’t get the ihd to work. I have connected it to the internet (several times), I have disconnected it then run the battery down, but the display won’t change - the readings have been the same since it was first turned on. Does the meter itself need to be somehow connected to the internet? Does anyone have any info about what I might be doing wrong? T.I.A.

It is a common theme throughout this forum. There is a link on resetting your IHD around.

Also, did you bring your smart meter from a previous supplier? Is it smets 1? If it is you may have trouble getting it working and have to input readings manually.

Thanks for the reply. I have a smets 2 ihd and it was given to me by the engineer who installed the meters. I will try to find the link.

Sorry I dont have it handy, but there is one called resetting your IHD.