In home display stopped working

Hi I had a smart meter (Smets 1) I think installed when I was with British Gas. Been with Bulb now for over a year. Have had to send meter readings in as and when, no problem as just get it from in home display. Last couple of days, the display is totally blank and I no longer have the ability to get the meter readings from the display. if you “wake” it up, it is displaying Connecting to Smart Meter … and then it switches off again. Had a look and the Trilliant smart meter Model SEAP-2000-v has 3 lights on it, the bottom one is a steady green, the middle one is a flashing green and the top one is a flashing amber. Anybody any ideas if I can do anything or am I stuck until Bulb upgrade/update the smart meter?
Thanks in advance.

Its probably of no help to you but mine did exactly the same 2 weeks ago. The IHD is of absolutely no use whatever, right now. Im going to have to suss how to send readings straight from the meter now.

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So not just me then! Yes looks like I will to go back to the old school way, reading the meters manually. :roll_eyes:

Exact same here. I emailed Bulb about it 3 weeks ago but no reply beyond the standard “Thanks for getting in touch”. I used the IHD to keep a weekly track of consumption, which I suppose I can still do by going into the stair cupboard and stepping over things to read the meter manually:-)

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