In home display won’t connect to WiFi


My In Home Display has yet another issue. It won’t connect to my WiFi or the “smart” meters. Every other device I have will just not this P.O.S.

I’ve had it with Bulb now. No customer support, no answers to emails and now faulty equipment.

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Hi @Bulberino - it looks like this could be due to the weak signal strength on your available network. I’d recommend trying again with the IHD closer to the wifi or vice versa.

Are you taking the mick?



Come on, there’s at least 10cm gap there, you’re just not trying hard enough!



You just made me smile.

I’m still leaving ASAP

Have you tried rubbing them together :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Strangely yes. And shouting at it.

Next I’m going to try the Jeramy Clarkson method and hit it with a hammer.

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Have you run through the security protocols of your wifi and ensured that the IHD is connecting over the correct protocol.

Double and triple check the passwords.

Your router pay have a log as to why an new device isn’t connecting.

It’s connected easily and quickly until today using WPS and manually using the password.

Bulb have said it could be some failure of the communication hub in the electric meter and they are investigating. As they still have no idea why it won’t connect to the “smart” meter either I’m not holding my breath for a fix.

Hi @Bulberino,

We’re pretty confident that an issue with your comms hub (positioned on your elec meter) is causing these smart issues.

We’ve therefore been in touch with the DCC to request a cold reboot of the comms hub. @Jim_at_Bulb has dropped you a message with some more information about this - thanks for your patience in the meantime.

If this doesn’t work, then we can start to chat about getting the hammer out.

:angry: :pager: :hammer:

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Let’s talk…

You choose the hammer. :angry:

Hi @Bulberino,

I’m afraid there’s no major update on this yet. We’re still back and forth with the DCC, but since it’s Christmas, let’s go easy on the response times.

Thanks for being so patient with us :christmas_tree: