In home display

Just has new smart meters installed and I am still waiting for the IHD to connect to the meters, anyone know how long they take to connect, if they are not going to connect it was a waste of time having them installed

Are your meters all connected up to the WAN OK?

I would have thought the installer would confirm that the IHD was connected while they were there if everything else is working.

Yes all connected to WAN, the installer told me that the display on the IHD should connect with the meters in about an hour but its still showing connecting on the screen and no usage numbers, I can get the readings off the meters themselves but I wanted the display as the gas meter is low down and its awkward for me to see

@Fatboyjim59, the GUID of the IHD may not have been correctly set up on your meter’s communications hub (or at least that’s how I understand the pairing is configured).

As the WAN’s all connected, Bulb should be able to re-configure it remotely.

Maybe one for @“Selina at Bulb”?