In home display

How can I get an in-home display through Bulb please?

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You get one when you have smart meters installed.

Just had smart meters installed. My IHD is connected to my WiFi. Can I access the data on my IHD remotely?

Not possible to remotely access the IHD.

I wouldn’t be too much in a hurry - I had a bulb smart meter fitted 3 days ago and the Home Display has yet to display any electricity details despite countless re-starts. Bulb has so far ignored my messages. Looking on line it appears many Home Displays either show: nothing, just one fuel, wrong usage etc etc - many people are finding them more useful used as a paperweight.

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Ditto! Mine has never worked

Hi @mandm

The best way is to use the Bulb-SmartThings partnership.

Download the SmartThings App free and then you can “add” your IHD (known as a Bulb Energy Meter) in your SmartThings account - follow the in-app instructions you should be able to get the data from your IHD onto your smartphone…

I’ve been using the smart things app since late November and it is quite good but does not take into account cheap rate at night so is in error due to that. It does not pick up the export of electricity from solar panels only showing that consumption is zero. Apart from that as I say it is good as a first attempt. I have emailed the developers (Samsung) and as usual they promise that they will think about adding things if the demand is there. The data is pulled from the cloud for display on the phone/tablet (Android 6 minimum) so is not available to export from the device.

There was a user on this forum who said they had managed to export the raw data - using SmartThings IDE - the meter readings which are available on the device card (as opposed to the SmartThings Energy Control plug-in)

Thanks, I’ll search and see if I can find it. Watch this space!

If you find out, please let me know! I had a Gen.2 smart meter installed by Bulb last March but the engineer couldn’t get it to work properly and said that he’d arrange for a colleague to come to sort it out. He had an I.H.D. with him but took it away saying that the second engineer would bring one. As it turned out the problem was fixed remotely so as no-one needed to come I wasn’t given an I.H.D.

Since then I have had many email exchanges with customer services and each time I’ve been told that they’d send me an I.H.D. as soon as possible. More than ten months on I’m still waiting. I thought the whole point of a smart meter was for the customer to save energy by monitoring their usage and as this is impossible without an I.H.D. the installation has just been a waste of time.