In House Display has never worked since install in December

I had a smart meter fitted on the 29th December and the in house display has never shown the correct date and time. My gas meter readings also aren’t being picked up.
I have tried to the use the chat and was told the meter takes 12 days to update and that has passed.
I emailed and have exchanged several emails trying to arrange an hours slot for me to press some buttons and someone at bulb to do something their end but they don’t come back very quickly and so we don’t have an hours slot booked in.
If this can’t be resolved I am going to move supplier as the service from Bulb hasn’t been good.

Hi @SarahSmith,

Thanks for getting in touch with us about your in-home display (IHD) issue, when the date & time are incorrect, this means that your IHD is not connected to your home area network (HAN).

The advisor you spoke to is correct, you do need to follow the instructions to press a few buttons during the 1-hour slot.

I see you had some issues trying to following the instructions, I was wondering if your IHD was fully black or black and white?

Nonetheless, I will ask my colleague to pop you a response ASAP!

Hi Trevor
Thanks for your response.
My IHD is black and white and it’s not that I had an issue following the instructions…I’m having an issue getting an hours slot booked to do it and have been trying for over a week.
It’s not very good service really.
Thanks Sarah

Hi Trevor, It’s been 10 days and I haven’t had a response from you. I finally had an hours slot booked to carry out some instructions, which I did and that didn’t work. I also emailed a complaint 10 days ago and haven’t had a response. I’m really disappointed in the service I’m getting from Bulb.