In House Display not working

My In House Display has stopped working a couple of years ago and I have contacted Bulb in the past but have been unable to make it work. As it is definitely faulty, can I be issued a new one by Bulb?

Hi @susanme - welcome to community :wave:

I’m sorry you’re waiting on your faulty IHD to be fixed. When you say it doesn’t work, could you confirm which of the below it applies to, and have you tried the fixes?

– If the IHD is physically broken (ie. the screen is smashed or the charge port is broken). You’ll be charged £20 for this.

– If the IHD will not turn on or charge. Please try a different USB 2.0 charger first as it could be an issue with the charger. Let your IHD run out of charge, then plug in and recharge completely, while switched off. Switch on and try again. If it still doesn’t hold power then we can replace it free of charge.

– If the IHD battery is not holding any charge. Please note that the battery is only designed to last 60 minutes. We’ll replace your IHD if the battery lasts for less than 40 minutes.

– Meg :bulb: