Inaccurate energy usage charts

I’m disappointed that you’ve replaced the daily and weekly energy usage charts on the website with only monthly charts but what’s worse is that the data is wildly inaccurate!
Recent usage according to my statements:
Dec £143, Jan £154, Feb £132, Mar £122
Recent usage according to the chart on my account page:
Dec £208, Jan £225, Feb £184, Mar £218

Can you please either fix this or remove the charts completely - data this inaccurate is pointless and misleading.



The usage graphs have been updated with the new prices and unfortunately these are showing on previous months so best to ignore them and use your statements.

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Thanks, I suspected that was the problem.

The energy usage charts would be a lot more useful if they actually displayed energy usage – in kWh – rather than cost.


True, I said that myself in another thread. I wonder if they do it that way because IHD’s show how much you’re using in real time in £’s.

I came to say exactly this

Could you please change them so that they represent actual energy usage, since prices are going to go up again anyway? It has always been confusing and there is no easy way to monitor usage quickly. Even the downloadable data would be good. I had to painstakingly cut and paste it from the statement into excel.

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