Inaccurate Estimate Readings - submitting meter photographs

I have tried to enter my Electricity Meter Readings a number of times (over the last few months) but for some reason they have not been accepted. It got to the point where the estimated/last meter reading is now hugely different from the actual reading and it will not accept the reading I give.

I have forwarded photographs of the meter reading but it doesn’t seem to be getting updated and still the problem exists. Nothing seems to be happening apart from the discrepancy in readings getting larger.

My monthly payment has remained consistent and my account is now hugely in credit (as the estimates are wrong!) to the tune of £300+ - I guess when it corrects itself it’ll be something like correct but until then the estimated readings are so incorrect it won’t allow me to enter accurate readings.

Steve S


As this is a public forum it would possibly be best if you contacted the Bulb team direct as they will have access to your account and meter reading details. You can find the contact details for the Bulb team by clicking the Help button at the top of this page.