Incentive for EV drivers to charge when grid carbon intensity is low?

I think it would be fantastic if Bulb were one of the first energy companies to come up with a solution whereby EV drivers could be incentivised to charge their cars when grid carbon intensity is low (i.e. overnight) instead of plugging their cars in to charge when they got home on an evening (which only adds to the peak demand of the grid).

Bulb could potentially partner with companies that offer smart home EV charging stations (such as Rolec’s EV HomeSmart or myenergi’s zappi to develop a software solution so that charging only begins when the grid is running at less the 300gCO2/kwH for example.

Bulb could offer customers a 25% discount on their electricity rates during these times as an incentive to use ‘greener’ electricity.

@SusanM, I believe you’re describing Economy 7!

Hi @SusanM , the simple solution at the moment is the ^^^ Economy 7 tariff that offers much cheaper electricity during the night time (between 00:00 and 7:00 on average)

As smart meters are rolled out, we’ll start to have a better understanding of domestic energy usage and there will be much more flexible tariffs relating to more precise times of the day. This is a bit of a way off, but estimate are that sometime around 2020, there will be smart tariffs to match your smart meters!