Incentives/offers for electric cars


Just switched to Buib and we are also thinking about buying an electric car. Some other providers offer incentives (e.g Ecotricity) and I wondered if Bulb does or has any relationships with the car charger provides (e.g. ChargeMaster)

Hi @robert2053, we don’t currently have any separate tariffs/perks for electric car owners. We have some plans to provide more support for electric vehicles owners in the future, but the plan is to keep things simple for now and provide the best electricity supply we can. We’ll make sure we let you know of any partnerships or electric vehicle support that we start to offer.

It would be nice to see something added to the roadmap in regards to EV benefits. Driving is probably the single biggest carbon (and NOx!) producer in most individuals lives.

hi @katherine244 - we completely agree, it’s such a big impact. According to research shown here, it’s actually the fifth biggest thing impact you can have! Right after switching to a green supplier of course :wink:

Keep an eye out on our blog for developments on our end.

Just wanted to add my interest in this subject. I am also going to buy an electric car and looking at incentives re charging from other suppliers or charging points whilst out and about.

Thanks @biscitt. What specifically is the most important ‘incentive’ to you? The partnership with charging networks?