Inconsistent energy prices.

These prices do not match up, (ex vat)
Electricity Price per kWh on my statement 11.67
Electricity price on website 11.71 / 10.87 (depending on Nrth or Sth Scotland)

Gas Price per kWh on my statement 2.35
Gas price on website 2.30 / 2.25 (depending on Nrth or Sth Scotland)

Why is there a difference?

@scudo There are different distribution charges depending on distribution zone so this is where there are different rates depending on which region you are in.

Can I ask where you are finding 11.71 values?

danp… I am looking at the different charges per zone.

On the headers of this website click…
Business …scroll down… simple rates and no exit fees.
And it has the prices by region.

@scudo These are the business rates and they differ from the domestic rates.

ok that explains it.