Inconsistent meter readings

Can you explain why my meter readings are up and down and why my manual readings are not updated?

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I have tried submitting my readings twice already today , and haven’t been updating , I have had the automated email saying thanks for readings…

Hi @stacandy :wave:

It looks like your smart electricity meter has recently been moved over to the new smart network. This has caused the readings that the meter sends us to change, which we need to account for on the system. I will get that corrected for you now, so from now onwards, it should look a lot more clear.

The reading that you want to submit in future is your R1/R01 reading, which can be found by pressing 6 on your meter. This reading will increase at the same rate as the old reading, so you won’t be charged any extra moving forwards :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @johearne32 :wave:

I’m sorry that your readings haven’t loaded in just yet. As I’m sure you can imagine, there have been quite a few readings added to the accounts today, so our system is running a bit slower than usual. We’re working on it now, so you should see your readings in the account later this afternoon.

-Luke :bulb:

Just hope it’s not a scam to get more money out of people on 1st April.

I just put in meter readings for my gas and electric. I have an email confirming this although doesnt show the amounts, yet on my app and online when i put them in it said error try again in 24hrs. Now will these be updated as ive had an email or do i keep trying.

Hi @stubbs84 :wave: Welcome to Community,

I can see your readings have now loaded onto the account, due to the volume of readings we received last week they took a little longer than normal.

– KT :bulb: