Incorrect bill after they consolidated? Whatever that means

Bulb put 1650 in my account which was in credit 75 pounds and I’ve never gone under credit I have smart meter so bills are ort should be always correct …then it went to me owing 240 in debit they say consolidated over 3 years I said this is Impossible as ive always been in credit and up to date …all this since they were in administration and I cancelled direct debit as advised so they couldn’t take out more than I owe which they tried to do to jeep afloat
Yesterday I paid above mu average monthly usage as usual 70 pounds but I am no in arrears …I also noticed they made all my electric statements now to say estimated … basically they have re worked out past 3 years and come up with a figure that is I.possible to have as like I said im in smart meter always paid upfront and more than my usual bill
Rip of and I will take it all the way

I wasn’t aware they could go could back more than 12 months - OFGEM have a page on back billing rules.

Hi @Mrgbooth,

Thanks for your post! And sorry for the confusion here.

The statement you’ve just received is called a ‘consolidated statement’. That means it covers more than 1 month, and is based on new information. This statement runs from 15/12/17 - 14/12/21.

We received some new readings/updated details. So we used this new information to recalculate your statements. This consolidated statement is accurate and covers up to your latest monthly payment date.

You’ll see that we added the credit you paid for your previous statement back to your Bulb account. Then we recalculated your usage based on the new information we received, and took a new payment. This is to make sure you haven’t paid for the same energy twice.

You can check out the readings that we’ve used to calculate this statement in the ‘Energy Use in Detail’ section. And you can always view your historical usage in your Bulb account.

My colleague Avi who you spoke to on Friday has raised this with the team for you. He is chasing this up as we speak and will confirm via email why this has happened.

Sorry again for the confusion caused

– Daisy :bulb:

Still no response from Avi surpise suprise and whats the new information you received to make adjustments to what I am supposed to owe ? Its easy yo say such things but where is the actual evidence ?

Hi @Mrgbooth :wave:

I’m really sorry that you’ve still not heard anything from Avi. I’ve dropped them a message now and asked them to respond to you.

If you don’t hear from them by next week please let us know and we can get it escalated.

– Meg :bulb:

19th march still no avi still no smart meter fix that only started not working nov 2021 bit you claim its 4 years still no apolstill no account settled so it still sats i owe you when intact you owed me 70 pounds before you went bust and meter went faulty …the meter in my house reads perfectly fine so i will keep oaying what it says ive used and not what you think it should be

Also why have got me as estimating over a hundred punds a month usage if i setup a direct debit ?? Last month it was 56 pounds can you answer that