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I wondered if someone could help me. My boyfriend and I moved into a small one bed house in January, we have just two electric radiators downstairs and double glazing windows.

For the first couple of months we had no issues, we had our storage heater on constantly (which I now know adds up) but the other heater only in the evenings.

We began having issues with Bulb in around late March; we were submitting readings to be told they were incorrect and to attach photos to the app. We were getting bills for the previous renters and additionally I was emailed multiple times asking to submit ‘my first meter reading’ even though id already submitted many.

At this point we were paying the suggested amount of around £80 per month.

We got in touch with someone on live chat who sorted out the fact that we were recieving bills for the previous tenants. To double check we were submitting meter readings correctly, we were asked to re-submit the first meter readings which were taken by our landlord just before we moved in.

In response to this, we were then billed as £500 in debt!

I’m sure this is impossible, there’s no way we could be using £500 plus three months of £80 electricity totaling to £740! My dad who owns a bigger house with more heaters barely even pays that in an entire year.

We did think using the storage heater may have contributed to that though so immediately made changes, we haven’t had it on since.

Yet the bill continues to creep up. This month we’ve been charged a minimum amount of £172, which is ridiculous being that we haven’t had the heating on at all with this warm weather. With me furloughed and my partner taking unpaid time off due to covid-19, we certainly cannot afford this.

We’ve been on live chat a few times but no one seems to know what the issue is. One person told us it was an unusual spike in the bill and seemed incorrect - they said someone would get back to us but they haven’t.

I don’t know what to do. If we truly have used nearly £1000 in gas and electric since we moved in then we will find a way to pay it but it seems absurd and impossible for such a small house.

We have been waiting to try and get someone to get to the bottom of this as we didn’t want to just accept the high bill and be over £500 out of pocket if it is incorrect.

No one can give us an answer to why our bill is so high.

Additionally, before the spike and even now, our bill is seemingly based on estimated readings, despite the fact that we’ve been submitting them manually. If it’s based on estimated readings, how have they ‘estimated’ such a spike of £500??

I’d love some advice and further info!

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I would first check that the landord submitted correct readings, could he be getting you to pay a previous debt from the previous tenants?

If you get a starting point you can then work out usage for your time there and see if the £s figures are correct. How to calculate cost is at the bottom of your statement.

Readings have to be sent in within a monthly 2 day time frame otherwise they will use estimates and they can be wildly out. Many have been caught out with estimates even though they send in even weekly readings, they must be within that 2 day time frame.

if you have gas I would not turn the electric storage on as they are expensive to run.

If you dont get satisfaction from Bulb escalate it through their complaints procedure.

Hi @coleshillplace :wave:

I’m going to drop you an email about this as I think there may be some issues with how your meter readings have listed in your account due to there being a peak and off-peak rate. I’ll provide more detail in my email and we should be able to get this resolved for you.

@scudo is right that we’ll only bill you to meter readings sent within a couple of days of your payment date, as otherwise our system has to produce an estimate for the end of the billing period. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The email the account is registered with is xxx



Hi @coleshillplace -

Just to let you know I edited your post as it contained private contact information! I’ve dropped you an email to the email address on your account now. :smile:

Oh okay, thank you, I’ll keep an eye out for it

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