Incorrect bills and ignored manual readings

I moved in a month ago and presented the meter readings when setting up my account. Bulb has ignored the meter readings I gave them, and is now trying to charge me the previous tenants bills (Their estimate for gas was 6679, yet the meter reading the day I moved in was 6851, a significant difference). I’ve updated the meter readings twice in the 5 weeks that I’ve lived here, and they’ve now sent 2 bills. The first one charging for 7 units for a single week, and the second one charging for almost 200 units in a month! In reality, I’ve used 7 units in 3 weeks, as I was visiting family for the other 2 weeks, yet they still give me a bill of over £100! I’ve sent emails and they haven’t responded.

Do the online chat you’ll get a faster and more effective answer from a member of the bulb team