Incorrect energy supplier showing on my previous electricity meter reading?

I’m in the process of switching to Bulb and have been asked to submit readings, however, the previous electricity reading of 26th June shows it was taken by EDF Energy when our supplier is/was Eon? Can you explain/investigate and advise?

Hi @Sasha Thanks for getting in touch and pointing this out. We’d like to double check we have the correct meter. I’ve dropped you an email and we can get that all sorted.

Hi Euan , email sent last night, can you confirm receipt? The meter reference number is correct, it’s only the supplier details that are incorrect. Do you want me to submit the reading that we have anyway?

Hey @Sasha Thanks for the photo. Hmm, yes I see what you mean. The meter is definitely correct in the photo and I can see you previous supplier is indeed E.on. You can go ahead and submit the reading.

I’ll raise this as a technical issue on our end but it’s nothing to worry about in regards to your switch.