Incorrect gas reading...?


This may be my own ignorance, but I can’t work it out so would appreciate help.

My gas meter reading 10 Dec 216
My gas meter reading 10 May 512
total usage so far this yea 296

at cost of 3p per unit, total should be about £8
(We don’t use much gas - wood burner for heat and hot water + solar panels)

My Smart meter indicates “So far this year” £58 / 1697kWh

Personal Projection £243 per year

I suppose Bulb is guessing usage, how do I rectify this.

Why would they be guessing when I’ve had a smartmeter installed since last August

Am I missing something obvious, the electricity is pretty much as expected, but we would be more in tune with standard holdhold in that respect…?

Those units are likely cubic feet or metres. You need to convert into KWh, you will find the formula on your statement. There is also a calorific value involved in the equation which can differ each month as it varies slightly.

Hi Phillip

Thanks for taking time to reply. I don’t think that’s the explanation.

The units on the smart meter are kWh
Price calculated on SmartMeter 2.94p per kWh

So all units used by Bulb are kWh’s…

(The readings on Smart meter are the same as actual meter, but UI haven’t used these)

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Hi @matstones,

Your two readings from the 10th Dec of 216 and 10th May 512 are both measured in m3 not kwh. We then convert them into kwh and this is what you’re billed in.

If you look at any of your statements on the gas page, at the bottom left it has a table which shows the working out to convert m3 to kwh.

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