Incorrect meter details and incorrect billing

My meter was changed bk in
November 2018 from an old imperial 4 dial meter to a 5 dial metric meter .
I wasn’t aware at the time that my meter had been
Changed as we had a gas leak
I started noticing gas bills getting higher so I rang customer services and was told to ignore the zero on my meter readings and that it was just my usage was more
They are now asking me to £600 a month and I’ve gone to citizens advice who have advised I have been overcharged for over three years as my meter is metric and not imperial
I have contacted bull at the beginning of may and I’m
Still waiting for them
To sort this out and the call centre staff are. So rude and do not have a clue !
In the meantime my dd has been increased again and I’m struggling to pay this
I’ve contacted ofgem who said bulb have two more weeks to resolve
But I just don’t know what to do as they don’t seem to be doing anything and I’m still awaiting a manager call back ??
Can someone help me
It’s more than my mortgage ??

Hey @sadiahussain1982 and welcome to the community :wave:

I can see that my colleague Ollie is working on this for you and should have everything updated by end of day tomorrow. We can then look at reducing your monthly payments if we have been overcharging.

Please await a response from Ollie.

– Robyn :bulb: