Incorrect meter readings


I wonder if anyone can help me.

I joined bulb less than a month ago.

First of all the lady on the phone put my rate 1 and rate 2 the wrong way round. They sorted this. However didn’t put through a dispute to my old supplier.

I recieved my bill from my old supplier and it was incorrect, although I was told this was sorted.

I called again today, to sort this out. I confirmed the meter readings my old supplier should have and then man called them back to me.

However I’ve gone on my app tonight and he’s changed my opening readings to my week three meter readings!!

This now means my old supplier have completely different ones again.

I’ve logged a complaint two weeks ago and also heard nothing back, today I found out it was never logged even though an email said it was.

Any ideas of how to get bulb to get my old supplier the correct readings?

My old supplier already have them as I’ve explained what has happened, however they cannot re bill me till this is corrected with bulb.

I really regret changing!

Even the gentleman on the phone last week told me if I’m not happy then to leave as no contract!! Poor customer service!!

Unfortunately as we are fellow customers on this Community I don’t see how we can help you?

Only Bulb are able to sort this out for you and without knowing any further information I would agree they should have taken hold of your problem and resolved it. If they advised that you can leave Bulb is very unsatisfactory (regardless of no contract) as the problem will still remain.

Make sure you keep hold of the email regarding your complaint as you will need it should you elect in due course to go the Energy Ombudsman.

Please keep us posted on progress.