Incorrect Opening Gas reading has destroyed my annual bill

We moved into a flat in Feb 2019 and for some reason EDF have given a completely bizarre meter reading to Bulb so that our March 2019 opening reading is over 3200 units less than our actual reading from before we switched.

Our average consumption from April to December has been around 2 units a day. The incorrect opening reading would suggest we used an average of 83 units a day for our first 42 days in the flat. Hard to imagine for a 2 bedroom property with barely 2 occupants most of the time.

How can this be rectified? I have photos of the correct meter readings from February.

Contact Bulb customer support.

I presume your closing bill from EDF has the correct reading and it’s only Bulb’s opening reading that’s gone wonky?

I had this situation a while ago with two different suppliers. It took several months, and lots of correspondence, but it was eventually fixed.

Actually it’s doubly frustrating. I had months of wrangling with EDF who had a similarly low number so tried to charge me over a thousand pounds for one month’s gas. It was rectified by showing them our meter as close as I could to the move in date.

It now appears they didn’t pass on the resolution to Bulb so I’ll have to go through it again!


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Not sure if I am reading your post correctly. You switched to Bulb in March 2019 (or thereabouts) if so what discussions have you had with Bulb between then and now? Have you been supplying regular meter readings to Bulb since you switched to them and of so have Bulb been ignoring them?

Yes, I’ve given them a few readings since then. I also have a picture of the meter from before we switched (25th Feb) which shows the correct reading. It looks like someone missed a digit when putting in our details on the EDF side.

I contacted Bulb and was told this would be sorted out, but now they aren’t responding to my emails. :frowning: