Incorrect opening reading

My opening electrical estimate reading to my actual meter reading from 9th - 18th June (within 9 days) is approx 1600kwh???

How have you calculated my initial electrical estimated reading?? My previous supplier EDF had an estimated reading of 38033 on 8th June. You had 36432???

You need to recalculate my reading for electricity and check my gas bill to be on the safe side please ASAP as I need to ensure bills are accurate before I amend my monthly direct debit.

I don’t understand why there are estimated readings. A couple of days before you were switched to Bulb you would have been asked for a meter reading. This same reading would have been used by Bulb as your opening reading and by your previous supplier EDF as their account closure reading.

When I transferred to Bulb the readings which I gave to Bulb were used by my previous suppliers to give me my final bills and also used by Bulb to work out my first bill from them.

On the Bulb help page it says:

But you can submit it up to 5 days before or after your supply start date. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you. We pass this reading on to your old supplier so they can close your account and issue a final bill.

It’s OK if you are unable to submit opening meter readings on time. We’ll use an estimate as your first meter readings.

With giving to much information as this is an open forum, what actual readings have you given to Bulb…

@Samir Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve been disputing the incorrect lower estimated reading of 36432 with your old supplier.

We’ve now correctly agreed to 38033 and we’ve sent you an amended first bill.