Incorrect price increase estimates & Bulb stop responding


Hoping someone here can advise as the agent I was speaking to via email support decided to stop responding to me after claiming there has been no mistake made.

The (latest) issue I’m having is that my estimated price increases as per the email + letter Bulb sent out are completely wrong, and I want confirmation that I won’t be expected to pay these costs. I wanted to upload a screenshot but unfortunately Bulb is not allowing images or links in posts so I’ll just have to explain.

There are two sets of costs in the letter, along with two standing charges. One set shows a day and night rate and a standing charge, and the other set shows a single rate tariff cost and a standing charge. Adding these two sets together, Bulb estimates that I’m currently paying £2,695.25 per year for electricity and from April will be paying £3,818.85 per year.

I only have one tariff with a day and night rate, so why is a second set of costs being shown?

I currently pay around £1,260 per year for my electricity and expect this to increase to around £1,720 from April. I definitely don’t currently pay £2,695.25 and definitely cannot and will not be paying £3,818.85 from April. I have a prepayment meter so at least I have reassurance that Bulb can’t take money from my bank account, but I would still like clarification that these costs are incorrect as I simply can’t afford them.

So can someone please confirm that there has been a mistake here?

Hi @shannonh

Thank you for your post, and welcome to community :wave:

I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get a reply to your email, that certainly isn’t the level of service we aim to provide.

I just had a look at your account, and on the national database.

The reason for the two costs on the letter is that you have a related MPAN meter set up. We have this article that explains what this is in a little more detail.

You will be charged the unit rates on that letter, but since your meters are in pay as you go mode, all the billing is done on your meter so you will be only charged for your usage.

If you have any more questions please let me know and I will do my best to assist

E :bulb: