Incorrect Smart Meter registered to address

I live in a new build flat and have a smart meter that hasn’t functioned properly since I switched to Bulb several years ago. When the smart meter started working at the end of April automatic readings appeared on my account that were much higher than the manual readings on my meter.

It transpired that the developers of the block of flats had registered the electricity meters to the plot numbers of the properties rather than the postal addresses. So we are Flat 34 and our address is registered to the meter of plot 34 (a bigger property on a different floor of the building) rather than the meter we were told is ours right outside our property. My neighbours all have the same issue and many of them have resolved it with their electricity providers.

At first it seemed that the Bulb agent dealing with the case understood the problem. We conducted a Burns test, I followed their instructions and sent all of the required evidence. Since then (in May) we have gone round and round in circles with the agent telling us that there is no issue, the meter is ours and if we believe it is faulty we have to pay to have an engineer come to the property. I have tried to clarify whether that engineer could verify which meter monitors/supplies our electricity but the team has stopped responding.

I asked to speak to a manager on 9 July and have emailed the complaints department twice but have still not had a response. Meanwhile our bills are significantly higher than they should be each month and it’s causing me a great deal of stress.

A cursory Google/look through these forums tells me that this is an issue that has happened many times before. I’m really hoping that someone can offer me some help to get it resolved.

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Bulb should be able to check that your Mpan number and meter serial are correct for your flat

I’ve had the same issue for over 1 year now. I moved into a new home and wrong meters are still registered to my address. I have tried everything, even after running a burn test, still today I am paying estimates. I emailed and called Bulb many times, and no response. I’m in talks with citizen for legal advice. Bulb doesn’t really care as they are in administration, so you’re on the long haul for this. Good luck,

Yes they should be able to. They have told us which MPAN is registered to our address in the national database and which address our meter is registered to by looking at the MPAN. However the problem is that the national database needs to be corrected. So they need to send an engineer out to verify which meter is which, they should be able to do that but they are not.

What can I do?

We’ve sent a formal complaint letter and we’ll take it to the ombudsman if we don’t receive a response/solution. It’s so disappointing and frustrating that this seems to happen to a lot of people and be virtually impossible to get Bulb to respond to.

ombudsman didn’t work either. I waited for months for resolutions that were accepted by both parties. However Bulb didn’t follow through. When ombudsman gets involved you won’t have a say or do anything until they close the case. I wasn’t prepared to wait around any longer. So I am getting legal advise now.

I had electricity and gas smart meters installed 3 years ago and they’ve never worked. I want to move onto an EV tariff as I have an electric car but the lack of a working smart meter is preventing this. Please can you fix these meters??

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I can see your now in touch with a colleague of mine over email who is investigating this for you. This situation is what we would refer to as a ‘crossed meter’ and you’ve done exactly as you should have in order to get this resolved. With the results of a Burns Test my colleague should be able to get this resolved or yourself.

If you experience any difficulty getting this resolved in the coming weeks please drop us an update via community.


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