Incorrect time shown on my meter

I noticed today as I took a reading that the current time shown on my meter is about 1hr:40m slow! I do use Economy 7 and I need to know whether the meter time will affect the Economy 7 bill. Am I responsible for changing the time on the meter as I would have expected it to alter automatically when the hours change. The date is correct. Please advise. Thanks.

Generally the economy 7 meters do not account for the daylight savings time so in summer during BST period the meter appears 1 hour slow as it stays in GMT.

The 40 minute difference however you will need to account for separately and just be aware of this for day / night tariff change.

If i recall correctly If the difference gets to beyond an hour it may be possible to get it looked into.

I have a digital economy 7 meter the time is correct but on the odd occasion I have observed the exact time the rate changes it is not dead on 07:30 or 08:30 it is a general approximation within a couple of minutes so long as you get the full 7 hours. This prevents a sudden surge if all meters were to change at exactly the same time if energizing a seperate economy 7 circuit when used for storage heaters etc.

There are some meters that are controlled by radio switch, presumably the 7 hour window could then be changed occasionally. For energizing storage heaters not a problem but for setting other devices on a timer I guess set it for deep within the normal period rather than at the expected start or end.