Increase in DD without permission after phone call

On Tuesday 1st March I spoke with SHOZ re increase in my DD and was assured by him that as I always keep a eye on my account and made many short fall up there would be NO increase in my DD when the price increase took place. To my surprise in the usual warning email re meter readings I was informed my DD would almost double what is going on?? I suggest you check the recording of our conversation as I am NOT willing to pay the amount and will cancel the DD if that amount is taken or I have no reply within the next 24hrs.

Hi @david166 - welcome back to community :wave:

I’m sorry that your payments were increased when it was agreed they wouldn’t. I’m afraid my colleague should have explained to you that in order for us to reduce your payments below the minimum amount of £223.94, then we would need to to fill out a financial assessment.

Alternatively, if this payment amount isn’t manageable then we can move you onto a variable direct debit, so you pay for exactly what you use.

– Meg :bulb:

Hi Megan
Thanks for you reply.
It’s a shame your colleague had no idea about what he was advising me about as I explained to him my circumstances are different to lots of other customers and I have never been in debit for more than a few days when I was out of the UK. Who actual set these estimated new payments some computer geek on a bonus to build up Bulbs balance sheet ?
As I expect to be away more now this Covid thing seems to be mostly over I have no intention to leave cash in Bulbs credit account and have therefore cancelled my DD.

Hi David :wave:

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you about this and the confusion caused from previous conversations.

I have had a look into your account and the available payment options for you. I can see that you have cancelled your direct debit. With your direct debit being cancelled you will have to make manual top ups on receipt of your statements. You would need to clear the outstanding balance in your account within 14 days of the statement being issued to avoid late payment communications and admin fees being placed on the account.

Alternatively, as Megan previously mentioned we can set you up on a variable direct debit. This means that we will take the specific outstanding amount in your account following your statements being generated via direct debit. This would prevent any credit or debit building up in the account.

If this is of interest or you have any further questions about this, then please drop me a message below :point_down:

Jen :star:

Hi Jen

Sorry about this late reply but I have no intention to set up another DD with Bulb after the bad advice I was given by your colleague as I am not sure if I can trust your company on what advice you give. After reading on here several customers have problems with the way you take the DDs so I will just wing it my way with the payments.
Where do I find these "late payment communications and admin fees " you mention in your reply as are you stating every time something like that happens a fee is charged??