Increase in direct debit

This has been a nightmare ! They are asking for more than I use a month on DD I will just keep cancelling in fact I will contact the bank tomorrow to stop them … I paid the last bill in full which is what I want to do but I WILL control the payments . If I was a bad payer I could understand it but I’m not . I didn’t realise my replies were going on here I thought the emails were just emails , I’ve had numerous voice mails too … if I owed I wouldn’t mind my balance wis zero . The price of fuel we all know is increasing but just in 2 weeks I have the clock thing so I can see daily what I use , my last bill was £254 yet they want £300 + now . In the summer I was £400 + in credit they didn’t keep emailing and phoning and say “here’s your credit “
. From the amount they want it means I’m over paying and I’m not , we are all struggling so from now on I get a bill and I will manually pay it . Thanks for following

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Hi, I will wait for the monthly bill and pay when due in full rather than setting up DD. I will send meter readings 3 days before, you let me know asap what is owing and I will make a payment for that amount if you send me a link or I will ‘top up’ on line. I do not want a DD setting up again .

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Hi @Kath62

If you want to pay on receipt of the bill then we advise having the direct debit set up so we’ll take the exact amount of your statement each month.

I’m assuming you’re wanting to top up each month instead then and make manual payments to your account? So I’ve now cancelled your direct debit. Please ensure you make the manual payment within 2 weeks of you receiving the statement, else it will be classed as a missed/ late payment.

– Meg :bulb:

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This is the exact conversation I had a month ago . I’m saying no to direct debit I will pay on receipt . Your making me look untrustworthy on paying which is far from the reality . I’m not allowing any company to increase payments that exceed my usage .
Hopefully this is the end of this charade !

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So from my bill date always being 19th of the month and paying last months bill leaving a balance of zero I have just been on to look at this months to find a bill that was put on on the 8th March so 11 days early ! I do not have the top up option so the only option I have is to set up a new direct debit !
If I set one up like last month I did after a few days the top up option appears . You are suggesting £319 month D/D yet from 19th feb to 8th March I have used only just over half of £319 … please put. A pay now option on

Hi @Kath62 :wave:

I’m sorry for the issues you’ve had here. Looking at your account your billing date changed from the 19th to the 8th which is why we requested this payment.

You’re account is set up with a variable direct debit which I will cancel for you and you can pay by a manual top-up each month. You can do this by logging into your bulb account, selecting the ‘payments and statements’ section and then selecting ‘top-up’.

Here you can top-up your account. Without having a direct debit set up you will need to clear your balance within 14 days of receiving your statement. If you have any questions please let me know.

Luke :bulb:

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Hi ,
Why did my date suddenly change ? I went on by luck otherwise that payment would of been late .
I had to set up a direct debit to be able to top up as that option isn’t there unless a DD is up I do not authorise bulb to take any money from my account at all . It is suggesting I pay over £300 monthly !! I will pay upon bill from here in . Thanks

Hi I have just realised that changing my bill date may effect my next bill I will be sending you my meter reading’s tomorrow evening so these are billed at the correct rate ! I only expect to pay the higher rate from 1st April 2022 !

Hi @Kath62,

The option to top up on your Bulb account also has a ‘Top up with card’ option which you can select to make a card payment rather than paying through a direct debit.

Your billing date has changed to the 8th of each month, did you want this to remain on the 8th or change to another date? If you wanted to change the date then please let me know and I can get that sorted for you.

You won’t be charged on our new tariff until April 1st so any usage before that will be on the lower tariff.

– KT :bulb: