Increase in electricity prices

Just received email stating electricity prices going up 6th December

i have not had any email stating an increase. are you on some different tariff like the ev tariff?

Yes on the Ev tariff. That must be the reason. Thanks for the reply.

Makes sense, out of curiosity, what has gone up, the day price, the night price, the standing charge or have they all gone up. Thinking of getting some sort of ev soon.

All have gone up, but still only 6.1p per kWh to charge my car at night.

Feeling conned at the moment.
In Aug I was emailed about the last price hike with the promise ‘ Our prices won’t go up any further for the next 6 months.’ Note ‘prices’ (plural). Nowhere in the email or accompanying letter was the Vari-Fair tariff mentioned, so I took it to mean all prices across all tariffs.
I then had a smart meter fitted and was offered the cheaper EV tariff which I took, only to have a further email, 2 weeks later, telling me of this price hike.
And why does the standing charge have to go up? It’s as if it’s directly related to production costs, but it’s their running costs. They buy the energy, not make it. So I don’t know why it goes up with energy prices.

Dear Bulb

We have been with you for two years and I chose you because of your green credentials.

As you are putting electricity prices up by nearly 6p per kWh on my tariff are you also putting up our export payments for the solar electricity that we generate?

Thought not!

Mike Brown

Hi everyone :wave:

@jimelliott thanks for post. Our EV tariff has increased for the first time following a significant increase in the wholesale cost of electricity, as we’ve seen in the news recently. Our vari-fair tariffs are not changing. As you say @jimelliott, the off peak rate is still very low and you can really benefit from it if you schedule to charge your EV overnight :oncoming_automobile:

It’s worth pointing out that if EV tariff members could save by being on our vari-fair tariff instead, we’ve let them know as it’s only fair :memo:

@PhilipPronto I’m really sorry to hear that you’re feeling like that at the moment. I can understand where you’re coming from. “Our prices won’t go up any further for the next 6 months” was in relation to our vari-fair tariff rather than out EV tariff. As I mentioned before, this is the first time that our EV tariff has increased since we brought it in. After the price increase, our tariff will still be very competitive.

@Mikeyb that’s a great question about export payments. Our Export payment rate changed in April this year but this is set separately to the wholesale market. The export cost is set by a different competitive market to the ‘import’ market (where we change the price of what members pay). We do have one of the most competitive SEG rates at the moment but it is something we’ll continue to monitor :sunny:

Any questions, please do let me know.

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Niamh :bulb:

We are in same position.

But we use electric car quite a bit now.

We also time delay dishwasher and Washing Machine to work during this time.

Hi @keithryder - thanks for posting.

That’s great to hear you’re taking advantage of the cheaper off-peak rate by timing your household appliances.

Our tariffs reflect the true cost of energy, so if rates do decrease we’re sure to pass these savings on to our members.

Can you set timings on these appliances directly or are you using an app?


Hello. Using the appliances, to do the times.

James Elliott

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Thanks for sharing!