Increase in gas usage

Hi, has anyone noticed a marked difference in the daily configuration of their daily usage.
Prior to April 1st, on average the total figure for Gas was twice the amount of the electric.
Since yesterday, this has gone to 5 times. Of course, like many, the app is not monitoring the gas usage, so I’m struggling to explain why it should be such a marked difference.
I obviously expected an increase, but didn’t expect this.

Same here. I am a low user of gas and it usually costs me just a few pence above the standing charge on a daily basis so usually less than 30p a day. Yesterday somehow I used £1.16 in gas in a single day. Not possible. I would like an explanation.

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The gas new tariff is 7.28p/KWh (before was 3.99p), the new standard daily charge is 27.22p/day (before was 26.11p). I think it is the reason.

Sorry, but that doesn’t explain a near 4 fold increase in the cost of one days usage. Since I last uploaded my usage a week ago I’ve only used 1 unit of gas.

Any other ideas?

Electricity charges at the price cap went up by about 36% and electricity standing charges increased by around 82%.

Gas charges at the price cap went up by about 81% and gas standing charges increased by around 4%.

That might explain the OP’s difference in the gas#electric £ ratio compared to pre April.