Increase in monthly direct debit

You have sent me an email informing me that you are going to increase my monthly payment in December. You say that I should have 2 months credit at this time of the year to cover increased used in the winter months. At my present monthly payment this is £298. yet say that I have £505 of credit. I am aware that you are increasing prices in November and that you haven’t deducted October’s usage - yet this seems difficult to justify. Can anyone explain?

I have received an extortionate increase email too Nanna, I have replied that I will be leaving unless they adjust my DD back to a sensible amount considering most Bulb customers are in credit. Bulb is not our piggy bank, we can get better inrerest elsewhere in a savings account

Hi both

In the email does it specifically say your DD WILL increase or does the email advise you to increase the DD. There is an important difference.

@NannaJeep @shopsquirrel The payment review is a recommendation based on our calculations, please reply to that email if you wish for your payments to remain the same.

So many people making big issues out of nothing. Just log into your account and set the DD to what you want it to be. It’s not hard.