Increase in price

Hi there,

i’m abit confused as this month my payment had increased a lot, and i’m not sure why this is.

from an estimate reading , it’s now increased a lot - i cant get in touch with bulb as they are closed and my payment is due monday when they open …

Hi @Nikki12

There have been mountain of threads and answers on this forum regarding this aspect , if you click the “Recent Discussion” button you should be able to see some of them?

I’m just another customer so can’t give you a definitive answer, but my suggestion is:

  1. Have you been submitting regular monthly meter readings when requested by Bulb, this will ensure you have accurate statements?

  2. Is your Bulb account in credit to pay in one month in advance for your energy? If you have sufficient credit then under Bulb;s T&Cs you are able to keep your DD at its current amount.

  3. If you don’t have sufficient credit then you will need to increase your DD to an amount that satisfies the one month in advance payment requirement. Also you can do a one off top up to your account to have the sufficient credit.

Thank you, that was very helpful