Increase in standing and unit charges

I am now in only my second month with Bulb and it would appear that both my standing and unit charges have risen by over 5% from what they were when I joined as recorded within my first bill. My starting tariff charges (last month) and those now identified on my account are as follows:

Fuel Last Month Now
Standing Unit Standing Unit
Electricity 19.47p 12.86p 20.44p 13.50p
Gas 19.47p 3.26p 20.44p 3.42p

Why has this increase taken place? If this has been a price rise by Bulb, I will now need to change supplier despite only having been with bulb for less than 2 months.

There’s been no price increase. The prices you show are without and with 5% VAT.

Thanks for the information - won’t be looking for a new supplier :+1: