Switched to BULB three weeks ago and now BUB have increased costs to almost what I was paying before. Feel conned.

Same here. Recently changed from EDF to Bulb with the transfer taking place five days ago. Received an email today telling me that my monthly payments will be rising by nearly £20 per month from November! Ironically, this now makes them more expensive than EDF’s cheapest tariff, which is fixed for 12 months. Bulb were clearly aware of the imminent tariff changes but made no effort to notify these to me before or during the transfer period. Had they done so, I would have cancelled the switch as they are no longer competitive at these rates.

Whilst they are providing me 60 days notice of this change now that I’m a customer, its a shame they didn’t think to be upfront about price changes before I was induced into becoming that customer. I feel that their green credentials have been undermined by what feels like an underhand working practice. Suffice to say, I am now looking for another supplier…

Hi @Kir and @Nathanij - I’m sorry you feel conned by this. This really isn’t our intention, we know with variable tariffs that prices change, and that’s why we’ve written blog posts and emailed our existing members, while also updating our quote site with a prominent message that wholesale costs had been going up. If you joined through a price comparison site we also sent an email the day after you chose to switch giving an outline of wholesale costs. At the end of the day for a company that doesn’t charge exit fees, if we aren’t competitively priced we aren’t going to go very far.

Having said that, a lot of members think we can do better with this, so we’re collating all of this information in order to communicate this better if we change our prices in future - which, again, we hope we don’t have to do. I’ve received some really good feedback on separating gas and electric so that our members get a better view, and displaying this more prominently on the site when people are switching so that they can stop and have a think before switching.

We completely understand if you’re looking for a supplier, we don’t want to keep anyone here against their will and we’re keen to do everything we can to help lower our members bills while also increasing the production of renewable energy sources so that a shortage of one doesn’t lead to increases in all the others.

If either of you have any other suggestions as to how we could be more transparent about this please do let me know.