increased charge

I’ve just received the following email.
“It looks like you’re using more energy than expected. Your payments of £46.13 a month are too low to cover your projected usage over the next year.
We recommend an increase of your payments to £54.00 a month. We’ll make this change automatically from 26 April 2018 so your account doesn’t go too far into debt.”
I’m very unhappy with this as you have not had a meter reading. You claim “it looks like you’re using more energy than expected” Where have you picked this nugget of information from? One of the reasons I left British Gas was that they constantly pulled this trick. They never contacted me in the summer when i was using substantially less energy than i was paying for, to say that they were going to reduce my payments. I hope that Bulb are not going to be this kind of energy supplier. I wan’t my money in my account not sat as credit in yours. Over the course of the year usage naturally levels out. Just sending me a random email claiming i’m using more energy than expected when you have no proof of this and at the end of the winter period is not good enough.
If you increase my payments on the 26/04/18 i will take my business elsewhere.
When are you going to fit my smart meter? I had a smart meter with British Gas, you claim you are fitting them in 2018 but i have heard nothing. All i seem to get are mass generated emails asking me to send you meter readings, even when I’ve just sent you one.

I believe this will be a standardised email to take account of increased pricing from April (other utility co will surely follow with price increases) If you still feel the increase is to high V consumption then contact Bulb and I am sure they will adjust it. I and others have found them more than willing to discuss issues.

@stuartb As we haven’t had actual readings we have to do this calculation based on estimated readings (which are in fact based on historical readings that have been given). As we cannot guarantee that we will ever receive actual readings from our members we do unfortunately have to do these calculations based on estimated figures sometimes as we do not want our members to build up a debt on the account.

If you could get us readings we would be very happy to re-calculate the monthly payment.