increased charges

I have just switched to Bulb and haven’t even made my first payment yet but am now told by Bulb that my monthly D/D will increase by 21.4%. This is in the face of Bulb’s average increase being advertised at 11.1% and being due to commodity increases of 15 -18%. The comparison website that persuaded me to change to Bulb showed I would make an annual saving of £600 - now that saving has been reduced by half and I haven’t even started my account payments. Had those likely increases been factored into the comparisons to begin with, I may have made a different choice. I consider this was a misleading practice and I find the huge hike in price now being made known to me, as being very disappointing to say the least, and will serve as a warning for me as I monitor the usages/payments under this Bulb account. Not a good start for Bulb as far as I am concerned.

Hi @Peter20_Taylor , thanks for getting in touch. I completely understand the frustration you feel from the switch - unfortunately, due to our single tariff model if we raise our prices it affects all our members. We’ve been collating all the feedback to see how we can communicate this better next time.

We’ve given two month’s notice of the change so that you can think it over and research other suppliers in case there is a supplier more suited to you - we don’t like starting on the wrong foot with anyone, but we aren’t going to compromise that by putting members on different tariffs based on how long they’ve been with us. We don’t have any exit fees or fixed contract lengths so you will not be penalised if you do decide to switch away.