Increased payments

I had an email to say my payments are being increased. I understand that during the winter I use more gas & electric but this will even out over the summer period. Given that I am already in credit and that if the need arises I can increas the payments myself at this time I would like to keep my payments as they are at this moment in time. Please let me know if this is possible. I look forward to hearing your reply.
Sally Johnson

Speaking only as another customer, yes it is possible. Simply log in to your account and set the DD to be whatever you want.

Quick question: What caused you to click the “Community” button and so end up posting a thread on this open public forum, rather than clicking the “Help” button and contacting Bulb directly? The way you’ve written your post seems to imply that you believe you’re privately talking directly to Bulb. This seems to be happening a lot, and if we can work out why then likely more customers will get their query handled more efficiently. Here you’re mostly talking just to other customers and so often there is little advice that can be given compared to actually asking Bulb directly.