Increased prices

I received two emails from bulb yesterday both outling the proposed price increases. The emails said the same thing but had different price increases that I will be paying. Why is there an inconsistency here and how much will I be paying per month?
Allan Green

Hi @Mathie14

Wholesale prices have increased by 21% since February. That’s how it stands at the moment.

The first email you received was one that we wrote on the 10th May and sent to every member that joined us through a price comparison website to warn them that we might have to increase our prices. Because you only joined us the other day, you have only just received it.

We realised in May that we might have to increase our prices, so we sent an email to all of our existing members on 10th May to let them know that we might have to raise our prices, and we put a notice on our quote page saying the same thing. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do the same on price comparison websites, they don’t have the capacity to let people know about potential websites. No other supplier has ever asked for it. So instead we decided to send an email to everyone that joined us through those sites the day after joining to let them know. In that email, we said prices were up 13%, which is what they were back on 10th May when we started sending that email.

Looking at it now, we can see how the timing makes it confusing. We should definitely have put the date next to the 13% number, and we’ll be sure to do that next time.

Hope this helps.