Increasing payments without permission

I always use between £55 & £60 a month of electricity. Bulb suggested upping my payments to £70 to build a buffer. I did this and the after one payment of £70 they upped it to £82.48. Ive tried to change it to £70 but the lowest itll allow is £74.23 ??? Time to switch.

Bulb along with other organisations are required to give advance notice (nominally 10 days) to customers of any changes to the DD arrangements.

I’m no longer a customer of Bulb but when I was it was quite easy to vary the DD amount subject to not being in a debit situation. This seems to have changed quite signifiacntly since I moved looking at all the posts on the forum.

I wonder whether Bulb can provide details on this forum of the algorithm they use when calculating customers direct debit payments?

Hi @slacker, firstly welcome to the Bulb community :wave:

Looking at your account, I can see that your payments are currently set to £70 and as this will be definitely sufficient to cover your usage, based on the average usage over the past year, I’m happy for this to stay set there. I can see the suggested payment is higher, but we won’t need to increase this payment any further :+1: