Increasing usage

Hi I’ve been with Bulb for nearly two years and while it’s good that they don’t raise your direct debit without you knowing. (They ask you to raise it) My usage bills have constantly increased month after month! This is despite no changes in my household. I don’t understand how or why my usage is increasing?
Now looking to change to another company

Are you referring to your usage in kWh or in £ increasing month on month.

Can you please clarify if the usage in kWh as shown on your bill’s is based factually on regular monthly meter reading you have supplied to Bulb?

Hi @daihumphreys

I see you posted the same query here: Anybody with experience of bulb energy?

I’ve responded there with a bit of info on what may be causing your consumption to increase. @Allanr is correct in saying that we’ll only issue statements to the readings we’ve been given, so if they’re increasing it’ll be a result of consumption increasing. I’ve attached some tips in my response to the earlier thread that should help with that :slightly_smiling_face: