Inflate meter readings to pay in advance

If I submit high meter readings on 31/03/22, and add a decent credit to my account, will this mean I can effectively pay in advance at the current prices?

Hi Sarah,

No, because a) Bulb would work out what you are doing, and b) what you propose is fraud.

Hi @sarah.hunt

Thanks for your post.

We wouldn’t permit you doing this to avoid the price increase as it counts as energy theft.

If you want energy saving advice on how to reduce your usage this would help you reduce your bills and CO2. I can send you an email with more advice of this kind if it interests you?

Eleanor :bulb:

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But it is good to enter readings on the website on the 31 March to ensure the new tariff is not using an estimate.

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I believe you are allowed to do this if you have a top-up meter: there is nothing stopping you from adding additional credit before the event. However, if you are on a credit meter (i.e. usually pay by direct debit), then it’ll technically be fraud/illegal.

I live in a freezing house, wear 3 jumpers, only have the heating on in rooms I am going to be in, have insulated everything that can be insulated, only have one fridge with a tiny freezer compartment, never use the tumble drier, use the energy saving programmes on my dishwasher and washing machine, combine loads of washing, have thick curtains, have TCVs on individual radiators rather than using a thermostat, thick duvet, switch every light off every time, never leave things on standby… My energy (electricity and gas) was £90/mth until recently for a 3-bed house, now you’re telling me you’re putting my dd up to £170. But yeah, sure, try telling me how I can cut my energy use even further. Good luck coming up with something I haven’t already done. Sorry for being sarcastic Eleanor - I know you’re just trying to help. But the issue here is really not my energy use.

Thank you - I will definitely be doing that, I’d already put a reminder on my calendar.

Thanks for that. I worked at Eastern Electricity in the 1990s when VAT was brought in on fuel bills and we took ÂŁgazillions in advance payments from people who wanted to avoid the VAT. Wondered if something similar would work now.