Inflated bill

I recently moved out my home and the bill was adjusted according to the meter reading given in June. The adjusted figure said I owed an additional £700 plus!!! And said I had used 36,587 KWh of gas. Now I’m no expert but considering the previous years I was using between 7,709 KWh and 9,864KWh, then being so inflated I think something is a miss!!! Our gas usage went DOWN when we had a brand new Worcester boiler installed and we relied heavily on the log burner for heating during the winter. There was only 2 of us living in the house!!! I have tried to get a proper investigation with Bulb as I was paying monthly £85 and was actually due a rebate back to me. What an earth has gone on! I’m wondering if I took the meter reading wrong in the first place back when I switched to Bulb, or wrongly when I moved out (it was a stressful day!) Either way, I’ve clearly not used an extra 25,000 KwHs compared to previous years. That would be impossible! We like a cool house as it is! Can any help suggest how to sort this out? Thanks

Unfortunately only Bulb wil be able to help you, none of customers on this Community forum have access to your account details.

Bulb’s contact details are on this page:

There is a national database of meter readings (so Bulb keeps saying) so Bulb should be able to check this and possible ascertain whether or not you made a gross error when you submitted your meter readings. If you check your Bulb statements together with your current meter reading this may shed a little light what has gone wrong.?

Thanks Alannr, I’ll do that. Added to the mix we had a new meter installed and this could possibly have made a difference.

I guess it would be useful to hear from the Bulb Community on what an inflated usage level is…all households are different but do you use 36,500 kWh’s in a year for example? Cheers

Won’t be of much use with regards to your personal circumstances but my last 12 months gas energy usage was just under 16,000 kWh

There is a quantitative answer to this. You should have a statement detailing the calculations as to where the bill has come from. With this, you’ll be able to work out what is happening. Is the final reading on the bill the same as the one you gave, even if you now think you might have got it wrong? Is it different to what you gave, meaning the supplier might have got it wrong? Have all your previous bills been based on actual meter readings, so this isn’t a “catch up” bill? When the meter was changed, were the readings handled correctly? You should have a statement showing the meter swap. The only way to work out what’s going on is to assemble all the evidence.

Hi, you have taken the 1st payment out of my account but I cannot still see my bill online, when will this be generated?

Hi, you have taken the 1st payment out of my account but I cannot still see my bill online, when will this be generated?

This is a customer based forum, you will need to contact Bulb for specifics.

The 1st payment is taken one month in advance however, for example my first payment was taken by DD on July 15th, my first bill was Aug 15th.