Info before joining

I’m considering getting my electric from you but I have a few questions first?

  1. When starting a new contract what, if anything do I get? e.g: New customer credit on my pre-pyment meter?
    2)What is the amount of Emergency Credit available, & like many other Companies if it runs out after tea time on a Friday do I still have electric up until Mon morning?
  2. Is there any kind of Incentive offer, or reward after signing up? Even if it is a number of weeks before so.
    And if there is any other details in relation to my question’s that you think I should be informed of I would appreciate you letting me know? Thank You.
    It is that I have just moved into a new property and am trying to find the BEST Energy Supplier.

Hey @joanneevans982 - Welcome to Bulb Community and (hopefully) welcome to Bulb!

If you sign up to Bulb via a member’s referral link you’ll receive £25 per fuel that switches to Bulb, £50 if you switch gas and electricity.

For prepayment members this is sent via Transferwise to your bank account once you’ve made your first electricity top up with Bulb.

The emergency credit available is £5 for electricity meters & £10 for gas. You can see more information on emergency credit here

emergency credit

Regarding not having your electricity supply go off at certain hours, this is a function of many electricity meters & would continue when you switch to Bulb.

You can find out how to check whether you have a friendly credit enabled meter here

Friendly Credit

Please let me know if you have any other questions