initial meter reading and old supplier

Hi - recently switched to bulb (July 26th) and submitted meter readings. When will you be sending official final readings to my previous supplier ?


If you dont mind I have a similar question so maybe both could be answered.
I received an email that I have now switched 100% over to Bulb, I have my normal standard email from previous supplier requesting my monthly readings. Should I just ignore this?

@abdallah , @scudo, Hi guys!! Both of you have got some great questions.

The entire switch process up to the point where your previous supplier can close your account and issue you a final bill, can take up to 6 weeks. We know this is a drag, but the reason for it is that any reading we send out needs to go through two rounds of third party verification, one with our partners and one with your previous supplier’s partners. After all that, the supplier will receive those final readings and be able to close down your account.

So, it’s still very early days, and your previous supplier may not have received the reads that we sent out just yet.

I’ve checked on your accounts, and all is looking well so far. The industry databases list Bulb as your energy supplier, so your previous supplier can check in on that if they still think they’re supplying you. Once that final bill is issued, you’ll be refunded any leftover credit.

@scudo can you please send us that email? I wanna make sure Ovo isn’t too confused.

@scudo can you please send us that email? I wanna make sure Ovo isn't too confused.

I think all should be OK. I received this email from them:

Thank you for your email regarding your transfer away from xxxx Energy.

I can see that you’ve joined XX supplier on 03/08/17, so you won’t need to supply xxxx with readings on the 06/08/17.

If you provided your new supplier with opening meter reads around your supply start date they will now have been sent off to be independently validated. If no reading was provided they’ll generate an estimate.
Once validated they’re sent back to your new supplier to open your account and also sent to us to issue your final statement.

Hey @scudo, we’ve got your readings so we’ll be sending it over to Ovo. Once they’ve got it they’ll send you a final bill. Just to give you a heads up, this process can take between 2 to 6 weeks. Fingers crossed they issue to you soon!