Initial meter reading wrong

It looks like the meter reading I submitted for my initial reading (and thus the number you passed on to my previous supplier) was wrong - possibly I misread, possibly I mistyped, or possibly something went wrong at your end. What this means is that I submitted a figure which was far too high - and I’m being billed for it by my previous supplier. (my electricity meter currently reads 32149, and the final/initial meter reading was 37865)

Is there anything I can do to rectify this?

@benjamin3658 Yes there is something we can do! I have raised what is called a disputed reading, this is where we propose a change to the supplier, it looks like you should have entered 32865 instead so I am going to propose this value. Once your previous supplier have accepted this they will reissue the final bill and we will correct our read too!

Thanks! (Actually, given my current reading is 32149, I suspect I should have entered 31865 - but the difference is comparatively negligable, so either is fine by me)