Initial screen

Why when I log in to bulb for the first time ever, does the screen display my balance (which was the payment level you suggested) with the words, your balance is too low, you are using more than you are paying for. Given that I gave one reading on the 8th Oct and you can’t access my smart meter, what is that nonsensical statement based on? Great intro to Bulb!!!

@andrewraisbeck, they do have historical data from the meter (whether a smart meter or not, previous usage figures are stored) but I’d agree that perhaps it’s not the greatest wording!

But they knew my historical usage and I had a positive balance this month of £240 with my previous provider when I was only paying them £20 a month more than Bulb suggested my payment should be, so how can my usage be too high?

@andrewraisbeck, it’s not a perfect system and it definitely seems to err on the side of caution.

£20 a month difference is a reasonably sizeable chunk and monthly useage can vary significantly between summer and winter so it’s perhas not out of the question that you could (currently) be using more each month than your monthly payment amount.


Just for clarity, does it mean you switched to Bulb around about 8 October and that is when you gave them your first reading when requested by Bulb?